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Passive/Reactive Laid-back Stance

You currently approach your health from a passive/reactive stance, laid-back. You are tapped into your basic human instincts and are aware of outside forces impacting your health. You may have symptoms that you have addressed with your primary medical care provider but you also want to seek advice outside of allopathic medicine.

You are driven by a desire to alleviate symptoms or discomfort in your life. You feel your symptoms haven’t been relieved by the western medicine approach and are looking for answers. You are probably open to learning new methods and techniques to enhance your health and wellness, which is why you are here in the first place.

You have an inner knowing that there is more to your health than you have been offered. You know that health is your birthright and you seek, whether consciously or not, alternative methodologies to fulfill this birthright.

More and more people like you are waking up to the realization that there is more you can do for our health than you were taught. Believing that there is something out there that can facilitate your healing does more for your health than you can imagine. Belief and trust that health is yours to claim is the biggest contributing factor to whether you will achieve your health goals or not.

Dr. Jyun’s purpose is to empower his clients with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their greatest potential. During his initial consultation he works with clients to find the root cause of their symptoms and creates a unique treatment plan designed to solve the underlying issue. Dr. Jyun utilizes the Frequency Resonance Technique to communicate with your body to firstly isolate the issue and then test which modalities would be most effective for treatment.

It is not a mistake that you are considering alternative health treatments

Some questions that Dr. Jyun challenges you to think about are:

1. Ask yourself, why are you here. What do you know about health? Are you pleased with how its been handled in the past?
2. Did you know that health is your birthright? How does that statement make you feel?
3. What is the next step towards reclaiming your health? Do you need to look at your lifestyle differently? Do you need to reassess your symptoms and what message your body is telling you?

We wish you health and happiness!

If you’re open to learning new methods, getting to the bottom of your symptoms and living your healthiest life, consider a consultation with Dr. Jyun.