Quantum Principles & Health

Is your life meant to be ridden with disease or is that simply one of many possibilities?

Quantum theory states that all things are transcendent waves of existing in a realm of potentiality until observed. Only when observed do these waves of possibilities behave as particles in physical space and time. This theory brings doubt to the idea of pre-determined genetic expressions such as diseases.

Initial Consultation
In-person or Virtual

During your first visit with Dr. Jyun, you will discuss your entire cell information from preconception to the present moment. Frequency Specific Resonance Testing is the modality most used during the first appointment to determine on a cellular level what your body is trying to communicate through symptoms. From there, Dr. Jyun works with you to co-create a plan that works best for your unique situation. 
75 mins - $300 ($150 deposit at booking)


The frequency of follow-up appointments are determined during the initial consultation and depend on the individuals needs. Most commonly, clients return after 4 weeks, and reassess your cell up-regulation.  The modalities used during follow-up appointments are discussed/determined with the client during the current or initial appointment.
 30 mins - $125 | 45 mins - $190 | 60 mins - $250

Modalities and Technologies:

(In person)
Frequency Specific Resonance Testing
NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique)
Therapeutic Essential Oils
Flower Essences
Homeopathic Remedies
Bio-Laser Therapy
Auricular Therapy w/ Laser
Natural Healing Systems
Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Chakra Medicine
Red-light Therapy

Healy microcurrent
AO scan